Our Services

We pride ourselves as being part of our community.  We live and work here and have for many years.  We are always accessible and can communicate to you with innovativeness, experience and personal attention.  Contact CERTIFIED APPRAISAL SERVICES before you enter into any real estate venture.  With our integrity and experience we may be the last stop for all your needs.

Protect Your Assets
We are specialists in all phases of Real Estate.  As your neighborhood professional, contact us before you make any real estate financial decision.

Consultants to Professionals
The most important information we can provide professionals is the market value of property.  We act as consultants to attorneys, real estate agents, financial partners, banks and other lending agencies in our community.  Along with our 20 years in this profession and 40 years as residents in our community, we have worked along side many agencies and professionals in the development of new construction, planning estates, helping with the division of property in divorce, probate and trust issues, tax planning and defaulted properties,  We can assist with quick and efficient valuation methods and are available with personal attention to address any complex matter involving real estate value.

Real Estate Specialists
We guide buyers in one of the most important decisions of their lifetime in the purchase of real estate.  Not just of their residence but for multi-family investments, apartment building acquisitions and commercial ventures.  We also guide lenders in the valuation process to underwrite their loans for new construction, commercial properties and single-family residences.

Foreclosure Strategists
Many times owners will find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.  This can be an overwhelming time to try and sort out options to save a property.  We have been involved and created many strategies along with our experts to save your home and credit from one of the most difficult positions to be in.