FNMA 1004 SFR (Average Complexity) $350
SFR (with Cost approach) $375
FNMA 1073 Condominiums $375
New Construction $400
FHA Appraisals $375
FNMA 2055 SFR Exterior Inspection $300
FNMA 1075 Condo Exterior Inspection $325
Desk Review $175
Field Review (FNMA 2000) $250+
442 Re-Inspections $75-$100
Form 216 (Income Operating Statement) $75
Form 1007 (Rental Survey) $100
Income Property   Two Units Call for Quotes
Three Units Call for Quotes
Four Units Call for Quotes
Five Units+ Call for Quotes
Commercial Appraisals Call for Quotes
Vacant Land Appraisals Call for Quotes
Date-of-Death Appraisals Call for Quotes
Legal Expert Testimony Call for Quotes

The above schedule is for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
Fees will vary depending on complexity, subject size or additional field and/or drive time.