Partial Lender-approved List (Past and Present)

Below is a list of vendors provided for your convenience.  Certified Appraisal Services makes no representations or warranties as to the work or services these companies provide.  As such, Certified Appraisal Services indemnifies itself against all and any claims or damages arising out of or from any relationship between you and any vendor on this list.

Affinity Bank
American City Mortgage Corporation
American First Mortgage Services
American Liberty Bank
American Savings Bank
American Unified Mortgage, Inc.
American Mortgage Company
A.N.M., Inc.
Bank of America
Bank United Mortgage
Bayco Mortgage
Brentwood Bank of California
Brooks America Mortgage Corporation
Calabasas Funding Corporation
California Federal Bank
Cathay Bank
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
Chemical Residential Mortgage Corporation
Citimortgage, Inc.
City National Bank
Coat Federal Bank
Comerica Mortgage
Commonwealth United Mortgage
Countrywide Funding
Crown Bank
Cub Funding
Cypress Financial
Danville Financial Group
Dollar Mortgage Corporation
Downey Savings and Loan
EMC Mortgage Corporation
Encino Bank
Equimor Funding
First Banc
First California Mortgage Company
First Commerce Bank
First Federal Bank
First Franklin Federal
First Horizon Home Loans
First Magnus Financial Group
First Mortgage Corporation
First Nationwide Bank
First Pacific National
First Union Mortgage Corporation
First Western Bank
Flagstar Mortgage
Fleet Mortgage
Franklin Group
General American Financial
GN Mortgage
Greenpoint Mortgage
Guild Mortgage Company
Hamilton Financial Corporation
Headlands Mortgage Company
Home Savings of America
HUD/FHA Approved
ITT Residential Capital Corporation
Imperial Credit Industries
Imperial Thrift
Land America Onestep
Long Beach Mortgage Company
Medallion Mortgage Company
Metro City Mortgage
Mical Mortgage, Incorporated
Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage Bankers Acceptance Company
Mortgage Corporation of America
Mortgage Service America Company
Mortgage Support Services Corporation
National Home Funding
National Pacific Mortgage Corporation
Nations Bank Mortgage Corporation
New Century Mortgage
North American Mortgage
Old Kent Mortgage
Option One
Pacific National Bank
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
PIB Mortgage Company
Pioneer Home Funding
Plaza Home Mortgage
PNB Mortgage
Provident Funding
QMG America
Quality Mortgage USA, Inc.
Quicken Loans
Reunion Mortgage, Inc.
RSM Funding Corporation
Secured Bankers Mortgage Company
Sierra Pacific Mortgage
Statewide Capital
Suntrust Mortgage
Surety Bank
Sutters-Buttes Savings Bank
Temple Inland
Trust 1 Mortgage Corporation
Union Bank of California
Union Security Mortgage
Unistar Mortgage
United Financial Mortgage Corp.
United Pacific Mortgage
Washington Mutual
Wilshire Mortgage Corporation
Windtree Mortgage
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.

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